List of major publications by Prof. Anton G. Naumovets

Yearsort icon Title Journal/Publisher Type of publication
Coadsorption oligolayers of beryllium and oxygen on molybdenum (112) surface: formation and chemical composition, atomic structure and evaporation
1960 Application of thermionic emission to a direct conversion of thermal energy to electric one Физ. тв. тела article (original research)
1963 Desorption of potassium from tungsten in electric field Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1963 Surface diffusion of adsorbed atoms in electric field Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1967 An investigation of cesium adsorption on tungsten single crystal Sov. Phys. JETP article (original research)
1968 An investigation of structure and work function of platinum films on tungsten and of cesium adsorption on them Физ. тв. тела article (original research)
1969 A study of surface diffusion of thorium adatoms on tungsten single crystal В сб. "Поверхностная диффузия и растекание", под ред. Я.Е. Гегузина, article (original research)
1970 Structure and electron-adsorption properties of sodium adlayers on the (110) surface of tungsten Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1970 Cesium on tungsten (011) face: structure and work function Surface Sci. article (original research)
1970 Coadsorption of cesium and barium onto tungsten and niobium crystal surfaces Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1971 On the electronic state of cesium, lithium and barium adatoms on the (110) surface of tungsten Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1972 Adsorbed barium films on tungsten and molybdenum (011) face Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) article (original research)
1973 Lithium adsorpion on the (112) face of tungsten Surface Science article (original research)
1973 Adsorption of strontium on the (110) surface on tungsten Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1975 Phase transitions in strontium submonolayers adsorbed on the (110) surface of tungsten Sov. Phys. JETP article (original research)
1975 Disordering of of lithium films, adsorbed on the (011) surface, stimulated by low-energy electron bombardment Sov. Phys. JETP article (original research)
1977 Submonolayer films on the surface of metals Sov. Phys. Uspekhi article (review)
1977 Effect of substrate electronic structure on the properties of metal-film systems Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1977 Disordering of submonolayer films of electropositive elements adsorbed on metals Sov. Phys. JETP article (original research)
1979 Coadsorption of cesium and oxygen on the (110) and (112) of tungsten and (110) of molybdenum Sov. Phys. Techn. Phys. article (original research)
1980 On the effect of order-disorder transition in adsorbed films on work function Surface Science article (original research)
1980 Surface diffusion and interaction of barium adatoms on the (011) face of molybdenum Sov. Phys. JETP article (original research)
1982 Surface diffusion of lithium on (011) face of tungsten Surface Science article (original research)
1982 Surface defects and the collective character of diffusion in the system Li-O-W (011) JETP Letters article (original research)
1983 Two-dimensional lattices of hydrogen and deuterium on the (011) surface of tungsten and their thermal and electron-stimulated disordering Sov. Phys. JETP article (original research)
1984 Phase transitions in adsorbed films of alkali and alkaline earth metals Sov. Sci. Rev. A Phys. article (review)
1985 Surface diffusion of adsorbates Surface Sci. Reports article (review)
1985 Low-Energy Electron Diffraction Chapter 3 in collective monograph “Spectroscopy and Electron Diffraction in Studies of Solid Surfaces” monograph
1986 Solitons and surface diffusion Solitons, ed. by Trullinger, V.E.Zakharov and V.L. Pokrovsky, Elsevier, Amsterdam article (review)
1988 Investigation of multicomponent materials by secondary ion mass-spectrometry Поверхность - физ., хим., мех. article (original research)
1988 Photoelectron spectroscopy of small particles and thin films of s- and d-metals: size effect in their electron structure Physics of Solid Surfaces 1987, ed. by J. Koukal, Elsevier, Amsterdam article (review)
1988 Disordering of two-dimensional oxygen lattices on the (011) molybdenum surface induced by electronic transitions in oxygen and molybdenum atoms Sov. Phys. Sol. State article (original research)
1989 Ordered phases and surface diffusion in adsorbed layers of electropositive metals Physics and Chemistry of Alkali Metals Adsorption, ed. by H.Bonzel, A.Bradshaw and G. Ertl, Elsevier, Amsterdam article (review)
1989 Phase transitions in two dimensions Contemporary Physics article (review)
1990 Surface diffusion and interaction of adsorbed particles of electropositive elements on refractory metals Kinetics and Catalysis article (review)
1991 Emission of secondary negative ions from cadmium asnd his compounds Поверхность – физ., хим., мех. article (original research)
1991 Electron-stimulated disordering in adsorbed layers Surface Science article (review)
1992 Two-Dimensional Crystals Academic Press monograph
1992 Electron emission from gold and graphite films of special structure under current and infra-red laser excitation Sov. J.Communic. Technol. Electron. article (original research)
1992 Incommensurate structures in a Ba-Mo(110) system: influence of temperature and frozen defects Surface Science article (original research)
1992 A study of time and space correlations in field emission current fluctuations with a fiber-optical technique Acta Physica Polonica. A article (original research)
1994 Adsorption on metals: a look from the not-too-far East Surface Science article (review)
1994 Two-dimensional phase transitions in alkali-metal adlayers The Chemical Physics of Solid Surface, v.7, ed. by D.A. King a. D.P. Woodruff, Elsevier, Amsterdam article (review)
1994 Low-temperature investigations of adsorbed layers Low Temp. Phys. article (review)
1994 Processes of self-organization in surface diffusion of adsorbates Thin Films and Phase Transitions on Surfaces, ed. by M.Michailov and I.Gutzov, Inst. Phys. Chem. BAS, Sofia article (review)
1995 Electron-stimulated mobility of adsorbed particles Nucl. Instr. Meth. B. article (review)
1996 A study of stable low field electron emission from diamond films Diamond and Related Materials article (original research)
1996 Current-stimulated electron and photon emission from adlayer-covered nanomaterials Progress in Surface Sci. article (original research)
1997 Surface diffusion and phase transitions in atomic overlayers Surface Diffusion: Atomistic and Collective Processes, M.C. Tringides (ed.), Plenum, New York article (review)
1997 Surface diffusion and phase transitions in strontium overlayers on W(112) Zs. Phys. Chemie article (original research)
1997 Anisotropy of ordering kinetics in a single-phase adsorbed film: c(2x2)O-Mo(011) Phys. Rev. В article (original research)
1997 Modeling of electron-stimulated mobility and disordering of adsorbed particles Surface Science article (original research)
1998 Diffusion of dysprosium on the (112) surface of molybdenum Surface Science article (original research)
1998 A low-work function substrate for STM studies of objects with poor tunneling transparency: lanthanum hexaboride (100) Surface Science article (original research)
1998 Alkaline-earth overlayers on furrowed transition metal surfaces: an example of tailoring the surface properties Progress in Surface Sci. article (original research)
1999 The impact of annealing and evaporation of LiNbO3 crystals on their surface composition J. Phys D: Applied Physics article (original research)
1999 Many-body and low-dimensional phenomena in electron emission from effective photocathodes Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures article (review)
1999 Multilayer relaxation of Pd(210) and Mo(211) Surface Science article (original research)
1999 Orientational phase transitions in a lithium overlayer on Mo(112) Europhysics Lett. article (original research)
2000 Electron and light emission from island metal films and generation of hot electrons in nanoparticles Physics Reports article (review)
2000 Phase transitions in the adsorption system Li/Mo(112) Phys. Rev. B article (original research)
2000 Phase transitions in two-dimensional anisotropic chain systems: submonolayers of Sr adsorbed on Mo(112) Surface Science article (original research)
2001 A vitrifying structure transition in the Dy/Mo(112) adsorption system Low Temp. Phys. article (original research)
2001 Metastable structures of Dy layers adsorbed on Mo(112) and their transformations European Phys. J. article (original research)
2001 Surface heterodiffusion in adsorbed and coadsorbed overlayers of Li, Sr and Cu on the W and Mo (112) surfaces Collective Diffusion on Surfaces: Correlation Effects and Adatom Interactions ", ed. by M.C. Tringides and Z. Chvoj (Kluwer, Dordrecht) article (original research)
2002 Fidgety particles on surfaces: How do they jump, walk, group, and settle in virgin areas Surface Science article (review)
2002 Experimental study of surface diffusion in metal overlayers on anisotropic metal surfaces “Atomistic Aspects of Epitaxial Growth”, ed. by M. Kotrla, N.I. Papanicolaou, D.D. Vvedensky, L.T. Wille (Kluwer, Dordrecht) article (review)
2003 Low-macroscopic-field electron emission from piezoelectric thin films and crystals Materials Science and Engineering article (original research)
2003 The use of surface phase transitions for controlling surface properties В сб.: «Прогресивні матеріали і технології», під ред. І.К. Походні та ін. article (review)
2003 Field and photo-field electron emission from self-assembled Ge-Si nanostructures with quantum dots Progress in Surf. Sci. article (original research)
2003 Science in Ukraine: Current state and prospects Science and Society article (review)
2004 Two-stage ordering processes under annealing of Sr submonolayers on Mo(112) Surface Science article (original research)
2004 Conductivity of island metal films covered with organic molecules J. Molec. Structure article (original research)
2005 Chain length dependence of the frictional properties of n-alkane monolayers self-assembled on gold (111) Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures, ed. by V.E. Borisenko, S.V. Gaponenko and V.S. Gurin (World Scientific, New Jersey) article (original research)
2005 Quantum dots in high electric fields: field and photofield emission from Ge nanoclusters on Si(100) “Quantum Dots: Fundamentals, Applications, Frontiers”, ed. by B. Joyce, P. Kelires, A. Naumovets and D. Vvedensky (Springer, Dordrecht) article (original research)
2005 Collective Surface Diffusion: an Experimentalist’s View Physica A article (review)
2006 Nanotribology: microscopic mechanisms of friction Surf. Sci. Reports article (review)
2006 The processes of ordering and formation of two-dimensional glasses at metal surfaces Surface Science article (original research)
2007 Two-dimensional glasses and their concentration dependent re-ordering: Dy on Mo(112) Surface Science article (original research)
2008 Surface diffusion in coadsorbed layers with different mobilities of adsorbates: (Li +Dy) on Mo(112) and (Li+Sr) on W(112) Defect and Diffusion Forum article (original research)
2008 To those who make their way in science Київ, ВПЦ „Київський університет” book (other)
2008 Electron transport and electroluminescence in nanocomposites consisting of an island Au film and organic luminofore Tb(thd)3 Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. article (original research)
2009 An STM investigation of self-ordered n-octane acid films on Au(111) surface Ukrainian J. Phys. article (original research)
2009 Symmetries and modeling functions for diffusion processes J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. article (original research)
2009 Oxidation of barium on the surface of nanothick chromium oxide films grown on the (110) molybdenum substrate Materials Science and Engineering Technology article (original research)
2009 Irreversible structure transitions in Gd monolayers on Mo(112) Eur. Phys. J. article (original research)
2009 He could not live outside the science: Naum Davydovich Morgulis, Scientist and Teacher (in Ukrainian) Ukraina. Nauka i Kultura (Ukraine. Science and Culture) article (other)
2010 From basic research to commercialisation of its results (in Ukrainian) Nauka i Naukoznavstvo (Science and Science of Science) article (review)
2010 Research dilemmas of large countries in transition Science and Society article (original research)
2010 Surface alloy formation and two-dimensional vitrification in adsorbed monolayers on molybdenum (112) surface Low Temperature Physics article (original research)
2011 From basic research to innovations: The experience of Great Britain (in Russian) Наука та інновації (Science and Innovation) article (review)
2011 A comparative STM-investigation of monolayers of n-alkanes and arachidic acid on the liquid tetradecane-graphite interface. Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik (Materials Science and Engineering Technology) article (original research)
2011 Photovoltaic properties and photoconductivity in multilayer Ge/Si heterostructures with Ge nanoislands Journal of Materials Science article (original research)
2012 Beryllium overlayers on Mo(112) and Mo(110) surfaces Surface Science article (original research)
2012 Film structure of unmodified C60 fullerenes adsorbed from physiological solutions on the surface of mica and gold Dopovidi NAN Ukrainy (Reports of Natl. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, in Ukrainian) article (original research)
2012 B.Ye. Paton and research development in the field of physico-technical and mathematical sciences in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Visnyk NAN Ukrainy (Bulletin of Natl. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, in Ukrainian) article (review)
2012 Influence of coadsorbed strontium atoms on surface diffusion in lithium submonolayer films on tungsten (112) face Ukrainian J. Phys. article (original research)
2012 Optoelectronic properties and molecular ordering of tetracene thin layers on gold Spectroscopy Letters article (original research)
2012 Oxygen submonolayers on Mo(112): structure and work function Eur. Phys. J. B article (original research)
2013 Adatom interaction effects in surface diffusion Condensed Matter Physics article (original research)
2013 Adsorption of oxygen on Mo (112) surface precovered with beryllium: formation of overlayer and electronic properties Eur. Phys. J. В article (original research)
2014 Structure and electrochemical properties of aqueous suspensions of funcionalized single- and multiwalled carbon nanotubes Ukr. J. Phys. article (original research)
2014 On the origin of C60 fullerene solubility in aqueous solution Langmuir article (original research)
2014 Structural features of highly stable reproducible C60 fullerene aqueous colloid solutions probed by various techniques Fullerenes, Nanotubes a. Carbon Nanostructures article (original research)
2014 One-dimensional array of point-like light sources based on gold nanoparticles nd teracene: Preparation and possible operation mechanisms Appl. Phys. Lett. article (original research)
2014 Interaction of oxygen with submonolayer beryllium films on Mo(112) Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys article (original research)
2014 Organic monolayers as multipurpose modifiers of surface properties Nanosized Systems and Nanomaterials: Investigations in Ukraine article (review)
2014 Structural organization of C60 fullerene, doxyrubicine and their complex in physiological solution used as potential antitumour agents Nanosized Systems and Nanomaterials: Investigations in Ukraine article (original research)
2014 A Planar Source of Light Patent of Ukraine other
2015 Self-organization of long-chain molecules and their derivatives on atomically smooth surfaces Ukr. J. Phys. article (original research)
2015 Adsorption of Alkali and Other Electropositive Metals Surface and Interface Science, ed. by K. Wandelt (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany) article (encyclopedic)
2017 The impact of binding of macrocyclic metal complexes on amyloid fibrillization of insulin and lysozyme. J. Mol. Recognit. article (original research)
2018 Magnetic levitation tribometer: A point contact friction Tribology Letters article (original research)
2019 Coadsorption oligolayers of beryllium and oxygen on molybdenum (112) surface: formation nand chemical composition, atomic structure and evaporation Surface Science article (original research)